Costuming is a labor of love. Those who get it, get it, and those who don't are missing out. From Atlanta to San Diego, you jet across the country to show off your hard work at your once-a-year home-away-from-home. For just one weekend, people of all ages come together and gawk at your handicraft. There just aren't any words that can describe the feeling you get when that little boy sees his favorite hero come to life before his eyes, or the little girl that never thought she'd meet the princess she's always wanted to meet. Likewise, the unexpected pleasures of stumbling into a group that you just click with, like friends you've had all your life and just haven't met yet, bound together by your common love of your favorite fandom. All too soon, it's over, and Monday comes once more.

You just can't give it up, though. You'll start planning your next costume almost immediately, and head off to gather supplies. There are many long nights ahead of you, in preparation for the next con.

What do you have to show for all your hard work, though? Dingy, poorly lit con-floor photos? After all the countless late nights sewing, stitching, crafting, and building are you going to settle for these alone? You deserve better. You deserve the best! You deserve photos of you, donning your armor and hand-made props, that you're proud to hang on your walls.

You need somebody that understands what drives you to play dress-up to take these photos. You need somebody who has been to the con, dressed up, and has toiled away over many late nights in preparing his own costume... because only somebody who has been there knows exactly how much it means to you.

Show the world what you're made of