Since 1987, DragonCon has been a staple in the landscape of downtown Atlanta, GA during Labor Day weekend. Tens of thousands of guests convene in Peachtree Plaza each year to celebrate fandom - not just one, but all of them. Split across countless tracks and available around the clock, thousands of hours of programming provides every guest with entertainment and lively discussion regardless of what their interest is.

In 2016, DragonCon broke its own record with 77,000 guests spread across the five host hotels (and spillovers around the city.) The vast majority of these guests spent at least some of their time dressed as their favorite character from movies, tv shows, video games, and anime. These costumes are meticulously hand-crafted works of art, often unique to the creator.

Having attended DragonCon for the past several years, I've been fortunate enough to photograph a few of the extremely talented individuals that I've run across. Many of the photos you'll find in this gallery are untouched, raw, and unrefined, but some have been fully edited (sometimes with special effects added!)

If you are interested in meeting up with me to have a photoshoot at DragonCon, head over to my Cosplay section for more details. Often times, due to the DragonCon professional photography policy limitations, we can work something out for free (so don't be shy!)

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