Living in Ann Arbor, I feel fortunate to be part of one of the most culturally diverse cities in all of Michigan. Meeting people from all walks of life, and so many different countries, has got me thinking: there are so many people that are never afforded the opportunity to leave the confines of their hometown to experience the awe of the Der Hohe Dom zu Mainz, or the majesty of Denali National Park. From the bustling markets of New Delhi to the sprawling forests of Black Spruce in Alaska, I've made it my goal in life explore the world to its fullest, and to capture a view of the World in my own, unique way.

Having been featured in a calendar, recognized by top artists, and sought out by models in both North America and Europe, you'll soon discover what so many have before you: working with me to realize your dreams is something you'll absolutely love!

Allow me to help you capture your memories and lay them on paper so that you can cherish them for all time. You'll love the way my photos look hanging on your walls, in a book on your coffee table, and showcased as your profile picture. I promise you that the value you get from our time together will keep you coming back for more, year after year!

Now, head over to my portfolio and book your session today!

- Hans Kokx, photographer

Portrait of Hans Kokx