Studio and Portrait
Whether you're looking for a headshot, portraits of the kids, or to showcase your latest fashion design: studio photography is for you! This versatile style of photography encompasses such a broad range of subjects that the options are nearly limitless! Seniors often choose studio photography for their portraits, while actors and dancers may choose it for their portfolios and headshots. Parents who want to send out pictures of the kids with their Holiday cards will often turn to studio photography, too. If you have an idea, the studio is where we can accomplish it - together!
Cosplay and Costuming
As an aficionado of Worblaâ„¢, a master of foam, or a ninja seamstress, you've spent countless hours learning new skills then putting them to use in crafting the perfect costume, just in time for the con. You may never wear the costume again, and even if you do, it might not be quite the same as it was that very first day. Before the opportunity has passed, you owe it to yourself to have majestic photos taken, which will truly capture the essence of your character and act as a testament to your hard work.